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Field Leadership Training II – Project Supervision

The Project Supervision course is part II of the Field Leadership Training.  Individuals will be immersed into the industry’s most of effective ways of Supervising.  This course features effective leadership skills; communications; essential elements of a project checklist; job safety and training; performance assessments, dealing with conflict; and decision making process that affects the bottom line.

Field Leadership Training series is highly praised for its fast track for field supervisors.   Attendees significantly increase: their skills, insights, and understanding of bottom line awareness through real life activities.

Contractors are urge to promote the Field Leadership Training series to their entire project teams and “SPONSOR” their Sub-Contractors who are not ABC members at the discounted, member rate.

October 31, November 7, 14, 21, 2019
8:30pm – 3:30pm
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ABC Institute Doral Education Center
2890 NW 79th Avenue
Doral, Florida 33073
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Cost: ABC $595.00 members, $695.00 non-members




Fundamentals of Project Supervision

• The basics of construction project supervision are introduced, which include the current state of the construction industry, manpower and HR considerations, importance of team building, communications in construction, and initiates effective leadership concepts.
• Introduces problem solving and the decision making processes.
• Sets the plan for the Field Leadership Training 2 Program.
Workforce Leadership Now & In the Future
• The challenges and opportunities that currently prevail in construction people management.
• Effective leadership skills, essential communications process, essential elements of a project check list, and dealing with conflict.

Safety and Risk Management

• Job safety and training.
• Includes all aspects of risk management responsibilities in effective project supervision.
Contract and Typical Construction Docs • Effective project supervision requires understanding and accurately handling construction
• A review of all essential construction project documents is provided.
• Criteria for accurate and effective documentation management are covered.

Estimating Process

• The basic steps in the construction project estimating process are covered.
• A review of current estimating software programs that are predominately in use today.
• Establish how the estimate determines the project budget.

Project Quality Control

• Establishes the elements of construction project quality control, and the supervisor’s responsibilities
in ensuring QC.
• Phases of construction project are established and covered in detail.

Construction Project Planning & Scheduling

• The essentials of good planning.
• The planning process and planning resources are covered in detail.
• Implementation of good planning – the essentials.
• Focus on long-term and short-term planning aspects of construction project supervision.
• Introduction to the types of schedules.
• Developing a construction schedule, including current scheduling software resources.
• Connecting the plan and the schedule.

Review and Executing the Module Exam

• A review of the project supervision essential features and information which is provided.
• Preparation of the participant feedback and response information.
• Deliver the NCCER Project Supervision Module Exam.

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