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ABC Safety Programs: Essential Construction Education Components

A comprehensive Safety program will reap benefits in your organization far beyond just avoiding injuries. Your safety record is your calling card. It indicates how your organization views the workers on a humanistic level. Well trained workers who are focused on performing their tasks safely will also increase quality and production. Excellent safety programs can eliminate the necessity for accident investigations, job wide shutdowns and production delays. All this can be prevented, and ABC Institute is here to help! 

Safety Education

ABC Institute offers a wide variety of training topics and resources ranging from toolbox talks, jobsite safety presentations, OSHA 10 and 30 hour training, two-day advanced safety workshop known as the Safety Academy and awareness level training on rigging, scaffolding, excavation, fall protection and much more!

Construction worker outfits
Workers practice construction safety taught in safety programs.

(Safety Training Evaluation Program)

At ABC Institute, we promote the safety benchmarking system nationally known as STEP (Safety Training Evaluation Program) It's an organized approach for analyzing and developing safety and loss-prevention programs and establishing metrics on success. It is a crucial safety standard for the construction industry.


Formed in 1989, STEP has had outstanding results within the industry.  It upgrades safety performance at participating companies regardless of size or contracting work type. Firms use 25 key components to measure their safety policies using an in-depth questionnaire aimed at identifying safety areas that need improvement.

Safety Inspections

Third party safety inspections will help reinforce onsite safety accountability. Having a safety professional walk the site, documenting and correcting any hazards that are observed along with excellent safety practices can protect your site. In case of an OSHA inspection, these audits could even result in a dismissal or reduction of citations issued.  Lastly, statistics show that regular safety inspections result in less accidents and lower insurance premiums.

Maintaining a high level of construction safety requires extensive construction education.

Safety Resources

ABC Institute offers a wide variety of safety plans and templates that can be customized to fit your company or specific projects, ranging from:

  • Job Hazard Analysis

  • Toolbox Topics

  • Site specific Safety Plans

  • Written Safety Plans

  • Silica Plans


Architect at Construction Site
Construction Safety Packages

Platinum Level

ABC Member $1450 per month / Non member $1650 per month
  • OSHA compliance audit / ABC STEP application (Safety Training Evaluation Process).

  • Four inspections per month.

  • Four training sessions per month (up to 4 hours).

  • Two monthly site safety meetings (15-30 minutes per meeting). 

  • One First Aid/CPR & AED class per year (for up to 12 employees). 

  • Verification of all equipment operator credentials. 

  • Access to over 100 online Toolbox Talk topics. 

  • Four accident investigations (per year). 

  • Consultant representation upon OSHA site visit. 

  • 24-hour online access to safety reports, employee training records, and more.

Contact Us Today

Please reach out to ABC Institute to determine how we can help your organization and see pricing for the many services we offer!

NOTE: We serve the entire industry, but active ABC Members will receive discounted rates!

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