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Apprenticeship Programs

ABC Institute offers construction education in the form of apprenticeship programs to train a workforce of skilled and competent construction workers and managers. Whether you’re an employer looking to upskill your current crew members or an individual interested in learning a new trade with no prior knowledge, ABC Institute is the right place to build your future in the construction industry.

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What is an

Apprentice is a commonly used word in the world of construction, but what does it mean? An apprentice is someone who is in the process of learning a skilled trade while being employed in the field of study.

It's a combination of two training components:

  1. Classroom learning

  2. Practical hands-on training in the field

You don't need any previous experience or education to get started. An apprenticeship allows you to get paid to learn a skilled craft.

College vs. Apprenticeship

Employers value workers who come to work ready to learn.

High school graduates are usually given a few paths to choose from:

  1. Unskilled labor: Go to work immediately without any formal training or education

  2. Go to college: Get a degree before starting a career

  3. Sign up for an apprenticeship: Get paid to learn a skilled craft

Going with the unskilled route may work out for some, but usually, it comes with reduced pay potential. College results in massive student debt and no promise of landing that high-paying job in your field of study. Your third option is a path less often taken but worthy of your consideration.

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ABC Institute Provides Apprenticeships as Your Opportunity to Build Your Future

Apprentices benefit from our programs in many ways, including:

  • Earn an income while you learn

  • Graduate debt-free

  • Learn for free (free tuition)

  • Get your foot in the door with employers to secure your future

Employers benefit from our apprenticeship program because we provide professional construction education and advanced training for your workforce. We help you connect with students who have already graduated from our programs and are seeking employment.

Why Choose an Apprenticeship with ABC Institute?

ABC Institute has been in the construction industry for over 45 years. Our mission is to educate students to become skilled professionals in the construction trades and construction management. Here's why you should choose ABC Institute for your apprenticeships.

Get a Free Education

Construction requires skilled laborers. ABC Institute provides professional construction education to our students at no cost to them. Contractors can sponsor their employees to go through our apprenticeship programs, an enticing benefit that attracts high-quality workers for your crews.


Meet State & Federal Standards

Students participating in construction apprenticeship programs are required to meet state and federal standards for completion. Students must complete a minimum of 144 hours of related classroom instruction plus 2,000 hours of on-the-job training per year. At ABC Institute, we build our apprenticeship programs around both state and federal standards to ensure our students are receiving the best instruction, and each student will be on course for successful completion.


Make More Money

The average wages of our graduates are in the range of $50,000 up to $175,000 per year. Plus, you'll get paid while you're learning! Not a bad way to begin your career.

On-the-Job Referral Services

Since ABC Institute has been in the industry for over half a century, we've got connections. Once you've enrolled in one of our apprenticeship programs, if you need assistance finding employment in your field of study, we can help. Utilizing our long and extensive network of contractors and sub-contractors, we can find you the right job.

If you're ready to build your future, start with an apprenticeship at ABC Institute. Get started today!

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