Construction Trade Programs in South Florida

If you are considering career options and you want to avoid the common pitfalls that can come with a conventional higher education program, you might opt for a construction apprenticeship facilitated by ABC Institute in South Florida. As a not-for-profit institution with well-established connections in the construction industry, we can have you starting work full time while gaining the skills you need to advance through the trade you choose. Whether you are seeking hands-on work or a career in planning and project management, we can get you on the right track with an affordable education that meets your needs.

Reasons to Choose the Construction Industry

Jobs in construction will have a direct impact on people’s daily lives, and the industry is only continuing to grow as technologies improve and infrastructure grows. Because young people often overlook this thriving industry, there are many opportunities to get into well-paying jobs around the nation as older craftsman retire. We will provide you with the proper training necessary to get you out there as soon as possible.

Considering a Career in Construction?

Ready, Set, Build®
(1 week, full-time during the day, OSHA 10, drug screening, tools, career services – $580)

Craft Training
(1 year, part-time at night, OSHA 10, career services, will shorten apprenticeship by one year – $1,200)

Already an Industry Professional?

We offer several programs to help you become the MOST valuable employee of your team.

(3-4 years, part-time at night, OSHA 10, – $980 payable by the contractor)

Journeyman Exam Preparation
(2 weeks, part-time – $950) What is a Journeyman?

Journeymen Prep Exam Preparation Course Registration Portal

Payment Options:

  • Full Payment – $950.00 or
  • Due at Registration – 1st Payment Journeymen Prep Attendee – $475.00 and
  • Due before your 8th class – 2nd Payment Journeymen Prep Attendee – $475.00

Masters Exam Preparation
(2 weeks, part-time – $980)

Project Management Institute @ Purdue University
(2 non-concurrent weeks, travel required, lodging extra, meals included- $4,400)


In-Demand Construction Trades

Construction is a large field, and there are many sub-industries that you might choose to pursue an education within the world of construction. Here is just a brief overview of some of the trades you might study with a journeyman apprenticeship through our institute. The trades of electrical, plumbing, fire sprinkler, roofing, low voltage, line erector, and HVAC are offered directly through our institute, while other training fields are offered through our national affiliation with Associated Builders and Contractors.

  • Masonry – Masons are skilled in working with stone, concrete, and brick construction materials, which are frequently seen in the foundation of buildings.
  • Electrical – Electrical work is a broad and varied field itself since all buildings, both new and existing will have electrical wiring needs.
  • Carpentry – Carpentry involves building primarily with wood, and it is a skill that might be utilized by framers, jointers, roofers, cabinet makers, and mill workers.
  • HVAC – HVAC workers will focus on the heating and cooling of residences and commercial buildings. With modern green standards in new construction and renovation, environmentally-friendly solutions are emphasized in this ABC trade school.
  • Plumbing – Plumbing is another universally needed specialty in the construction industry, both in regards to installation and maintenance of systems for residential and commercial properties.
  • Safety and Supervision – Beyond apprenticeship training, ABC Institute provides specialized training in licensing, certification, business management, and safety. These administrative areas are integral to the successful planning and project execution.

To get on the right track with your construction career goals, connect with ABC Institute at (954) 580-2950. We can help you identify the right trade schools in Florida for your skills and begin a paid apprenticeship that works with your schedule.

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