Project Control

Phases of a construction project; planning, planning, and planning; types of schedules; types of costs; controlling costs by managing resources.

Upon completion of this Section, you will be able to:

• Describe the three phases of a construction project.
• Define the three types of project delivery systems.
• Define planning and describe what it involves.
• Explain why it is important to plan.
• Describe the two major stages of planning.
• Explain the importance of documenting job site work.
• Describe the estimating process.
• Explain how schedules are developed and used.
• Identify the two most common schedules.
• Explain how the critical path method (CPM) of scheduling is used.
• Describe the different costs associated with building a job.
• Explain the crew leader’s role in controlling costs.
• Illustrate how to control the main resources of a job: materials, tools, equipment, and labor.
• Explain the differences between production and productivity and the importance of each.

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