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Start Your Construction Career in South Florida or the Space Coast

Are you an outdoor type, self-starter, pioneer, take-charge leader, creative thinker, or team player? If you would you like to enjoy what you do, make great money, and actually help create and produce something with your hands, then let the ABC Institute offer you the South Florida construction education you need to have all this with an exciting, rewarding, high paying and permanent career in construction.

Construction workers and architects working on construction site

Start a New Beginning!

The ABC Institute has the experience, knowledge, commitment, and resources to help you start a career in construction. If you want advanced knowledge and skill in your current trade, we’re the leader at that too. Learn more about what we offer:

Let the ABC Institute get you ready for work and connected with contractors. NO STUDENT DEBT and You Earn While You Learn!
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what's your plan in 4 years

At the Abc Institute, We Set Ourselves Apart Because:

  • We are a non-profit so our first interest is helping you, providing quality training, and helping connect you with the industry’s busiest and most reputable contractors.
  • Our programs are low cost and convenient (multiple locations, open enrollment, and online). You won’t experience student debt.
  • We have short programs to get you started and earning money fast. In addition, we also have more advanced training once you’re employed to make you the most valuable member of your team.
  • We have the industry’s largest network of employers/contractors.
  • You’ll be provided both classroom instruction and hands-on lab work to help you put the theory into practice.

To enroll at the ABC Institute, please contact us at 954-580-2950 today!

Learn More & Get Started