• The ABC Institute Mission

    At ABC Institute , we are proud to provide fantastic opportunities to both construction workers and construction companies. Our construction training academy provides high-quality instruction in a supportive and engaging environment. We are dedicated to helping workers become experts in their fields. Through our quality construction training, we can ensure that construction companies experience reductions in turnover and better productivity. In addition, a construction worker who graduates from our academy can also expect to have better job satisfaction and be more successful on the job. Along with construction classes and training, we also offer both full and part time apprenticeships with leaders in the construction field. Our construction courses are tailored to a variety of different positions within the construction field, including plumbing, management, and electrical work. When you take our construction classes in South Florida, you will be well on your way to starting a terrific new construction career.

    Construction Job Opportunities

  • The Most In Demand Construction Jobs

    The construction industry is one of the fastest growing job sectors in the United States. When you are seeking an exciting career with tons of potential, you may want to consider getting a construction job. There are several construction jobs that have seen rapid growth in recent years. For example, electrician, plumbers, pipe fitters, lineman and HVAC are several of the top types of jobs in the field. By seeking quality training by South Florida’s top provider, the ABC Institute, you can ensure that you are a competitive choice for construction companies. For example, the ABC Institute construction school can provide you with a plumbing apprenticeship , electrical apprenticeship, HVAC technician and other great construction opportunities. For a closer look at the most in demand construction jobs, check out this video from MonkeySee.

  • How the ABC Institute Can Help Your Company

    If you own a construction company in the Space Coast , you know how important having qualified workers is to your bottom line. At ABC Institute, we are training the next generation of the construction industry, and we need your input. Become an ABC Institute Participating Employer and shape the education of trade professionals to boost your company’s labor force.

    We can help meet the training needs of your construction company in a number of ways. We can perform skills assessments before you hire a worker, provide entry level, accelerated skills training, and accelerate craft training. We also provide safety training, free labor consultations, and work in conjunction with the Project Management Institute at Purdue to educate aspiring construction project managers. Many of our programs require drug testing and meet OSHA 10 requirements, so our graduates are ready to work at your site. Continuing education opportunities are also available for your employees who are ready to advance by taking the journeyman exam and master’s exam. Let us help you create the skilled workforce you need to increase your workplace productivity and reduce turnover and absenteeism.

    Building Being Constructed

  • Why Should You Get Into Construction?

    Did you know that about 20 percent of workers in the construction industry are expected to retire in coming decade, while the number of available jobs is expected to increase faster than most other fields? This kind of demand for workers is just one reason to consider joining a construction company. If you’re looking to enter the workplace for the first time or thinking about switching careers, don’t overlook taking construction classes in South Florida, Miami, Broward or Palm Beach . A construction education could be your ticket to high-paid, fulfilling career.

    Earn a Good Living

    Civil Engineers at Construction Site Throughout the construction field, from project managers to plumbers, high wages are the norm. Even entry-level construction jobs can pay up to $30 per hour, and as your advance in your career, your income will increase as well. Because becoming a construction worker typically involves less schooling than other careers with comparable salaries, construction workers not only earn a good living but often do so without the burden of student loan debt.

    See the Country

    Construction workers are in demand, so you could have the opportunity to travel while doing a job you love. If you work for a large construction company, you may be sent to different cities to work on building projects or supervise new construction. Because there are opportunities in almost every city, you will never have to worry about being without a job no matter where life takes you.

    Get a Career Quickly

    To become a construction worker, you will need training, but you won’t be obligated to pursue a four-year degree. In fact, you can even earn money while you are learning through construction apprenticeships. Unlike friends who are sitting in college accumulating debt, you can enter the workforce in less time and begin advancing in your career instead of putting your goals on hold taking classes that aren’t suited to your field.

  • Getting Started in Construction

    Building construction is projected to explode in the next several years, at the same time that huge numbers of current construction workers are expected to retire. That means that trained construction workers are in demand. If you are considering becoming a construction worker in South Florida , this video will help you understand how to get started.

    The key to advancing in a construction company is having the right training. Whether you want to be a construction manager or do more hands-on construction work, training and education are critical for getting a job. Find a training program that offers the right education for the career you hope to get before you enter the marketplace. Your skills will then be in demand and a construction job could be yours for the taking.

  • Program Options at ABC Institute

    At ABC Institute , we offer students courses and certificate programs to help them enter the construction industry in the Space Coast. Our industry-led program offers a range of trade courses to help students find the right construction job. Are you interested in starting or advancing in a career in the construction industry? Here are some of our programs you may consider.

    For newcomers to the construction industry, we offer two program choices. The first, Ready, Steady, Build, is designed to get you into the workplace fast. It involves one week of full-time training, OSHA 10, drug testing, tools, and construction job placement. The second is Craft Training and requires one year of part-time night construction classes, as well as OSHA 10 and job placement. Craft training reduces apprenticeship requirements by one year. For those already in construction careers, we offer three to four year apprenticeships and two-week programs for journeyman exam preparation, master’s exam preparation, and a project management education program in conjunction with Purdue University. Construction

  • Build Your Career in Construction

    If you are looking for a sustainable career with a reliable income, consider becoming a construction worker in South Florida . While myths about working a construction job hold some people back, in reality, the construction industry is filled with a variety career paths and opportunities. Watch this video to learn more.

    The construction industry is thriving with careers that pay well and provide construction job security. From construction management to electrical and plumbing work, there are opportunities within the field for people with a variety of backgrounds and interests. The trick to getting started is to choose the right construction courses and apprenticeships to open doors. To build your construction career, explore educational and training opportunities to give you on-the-job experience.