• Reasons to Work in the Construction Industry

    The world needs buildings, homes, and other structures, so we turn to a construction company near South Florida. If construction work is something that interests you, you may be pleased to know that there are many advantages to working in the industry. Jobs are available and plentiful in this massive industry, allowing you to find a career that will keep you financial secure as well as happy and fulfilled. Since the whole world needs construction, you can find a job anywhere. Here is a closer look at these reasons to work in the construction industry.

    Steady, Booming Industry

    Construction Industry Without the construction industry, where would modern society be? Fortunately for workers in the industry, we will never have to experience a world without construction. From small tasks to massive projects, things constantly need to be built. The construction industry is one field that does not slow down, making it a great choice for employment. Construction may be particularly appealing to young people; the current average age of a construction worker is in the upper 40s, meaning there is plenty of room for newcomers. If you want to be a part of a movement that never stops, you may enjoy working in the construction industry.

    Fulfilling Career Choice

    Many people are drawn to the construction industry because of the many lucrative jobs that are available; those with the proper training and skills can typically find a well-paying job without much difficulty. However, it is not just the money and job availability that draws people in. A career in construction can be incredibly fulfilling. It affords you the opportunity to work with other team members in order to create something beautiful, useful, or meaningful for your community. You get to physically see your results every time you pass by a construction that you were a part of.

    Work All Over the World

    Many occupations restrict you to a certain area. When it comes to construction, however, this is not the case. Since construction is an important industry in every area of the world, you can live wherever you want and still find work.

  • Career Overview: Construction Manager

    If you are interested in working in the construction industry near the Space Coast , then becoming a construction manager could be the right career for you. Construction managers enjoy ample opportunities, low unemployment, and high salaries. Should you consider working as a construction manager? Here is what you need to know about this part of the construction industry.

    Job Basics

    Construction management requires involvement in all aspects of a construction project. These duties include obtaining work permits, hiring contractors, troubleshooting construction issues, and advising clients through all stages of the building process. They also liaise with other construction company workers, including architects and cost estimators, to ensure a building project meets the needs and budgets of the clients. Most construction managers have a broad interest in all aspects of the building process and prefer to be involved in the big picture rather than specializing in one particular field within construction.

    Construction Manager Education and Training

    Although some construction managers have college degrees, most rise through the ranks by working other construction jobs, ranging from low responsibility jobs to higher-up managerial positions. In order to get a construction manager job, some people seek construction management certification and also do various construction apprenticeships to learn numerous trades within the field. Taking a construction management course or working as an assistant for a construction manager is another common path toward this kind of construction work.

    Salary and Growth

    The salaries for construction managers vary greatly, depending on the market in which they are working. The average salary is $84,410, with many construction managers earning much more. Although job growth in the construction industry collapsed across the board during the economic collapse in the late 2000s, it has now recovered. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts strong job growth for construction managers, with 78,000 new jobs added between now and 2022. For the construction industry overall, 1.6 millions new jobs are forecasted in the same time period.