• The ABC Institute Mission

    At ABC Institute , we are proud to provide fantastic opportunities to both construction workers and construction companies. Our construction training academy provides high-quality instruction in a supportive and engaging environment. We are dedicated to helping workers become experts in their fields. Through our quality construction training, we can ensure that construction companies experience reductions in turnover and better productivity. In addition, a construction worker who graduates from our academy can also expect to have better job satisfaction and be more successful on the job. Along with construction classes and training, we also offer both full and part time apprenticeships with leaders in the construction field. Our construction courses are tailored to a variety of different positions within the construction field, including plumbing, management, and electrical work. When you take our construction classes in South Florida, you will be well on your way to starting a terrific new construction career.

    Construction Job Opportunities

  • How the ABC Institute Can Help Your Company

    If you own a construction company in the Space Coast , you know how important having qualified workers is to your bottom line. At ABC Institute, we are training the next generation of the construction industry, and we need your input. Become an ABC Institute Participating Employer and shape the education of trade professionals to boost your company’s labor force.

    We can help meet the training needs of your construction company in a number of ways. We can perform skills assessments before you hire a worker, provide entry level, accelerated skills training, and accelerate craft training. We also provide safety training, free labor consultations, and work in conjunction with the Project Management Institute at Purdue to educate aspiring construction project managers. Many of our programs require drug testing and meet OSHA 10 requirements, so our graduates are ready to work at your site. Continuing education opportunities are also available for your employees who are ready to advance by taking the journeyman exam and master’s exam. Let us help you create the skilled workforce you need to increase your workplace productivity and reduce turnover and absenteeism.

    Building Being Constructed

  • Reasons to Attend a Construction School [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Are you looking for a new direction to take your career, or are you just about to begin your post-secondary education? A career in construction can be rewarding and satisfying, and offers many benefits including opportunities, job security, and a sense of pride in the work you’ve done. By beginning your construction career at a school for construction training near South Florida , you’ll have an edge on your competitors. You’ll get the education and training you need for a solid foundation in the world of construction. By attending construction school, you’ll learn from experienced professionals about how to get the job done safely and correctly. Check out this infographic to learn more about why you should consider attending construction school, and how it can benefit your career. Please share with your friends and family!

    Construction School Infographic

  • All About ABC Institute

    We will always need building construction near South Florida, so it is important that we continue to match aspiring workers with construction training and apprenticeships. At the ABC Institute , it is our goal to ensure that each open job finds a competent and qualified construction worker who operates safely and ethically. We are proud to transform bright students with a knack for construction into fully developed construction workers. As long as you are dedicated and willing to learn, you can prepare yourself for a long career at the ABC Institute. Keep reading to learn all about the ABC Institute.

    ABC Institute ABC stands for Associated Builders and Contractors, and the ABC Institute serves as an educational extension of the Associated Builders and Contractors Florida East Coast Chapter. Our institute has been in operation for more than 65 years and is looking forward to building on this solid foundation. Through investment and training, we aim to bolster the construction workforce with qualified individuals. In addition to benefiting and growing the construction industry, the Institute helps young people develop the skills that they need to thrive in their positions. The ABC Institute is proud of each marriage it makes between aspiring workers and the construction industry.